" The brand is the indisputable source for all communication and all marketing action. "


What I Do

Consultation Service & Strategic Positioning

Win Hearts,
Change Minds,
and get Results.

  • the Development and Implementation of branding and positioning strategies

  • the Development and Implementation of Communication and Marketing action plans

  • Editing of strategic papers and presentations

  • Naming, Creation and Management of brands

  • Coaching and Workshop animation

Content Creation & Management

Every Brand has a Story to tell.
Let’s tell Yours…

  • Advanced skills in the creative processes and audio-visual techniques

  • the Development of creative communication concepts

  • Creation and management of classic and digital content

  • Specialization in storytelling, multilingual and multi-media editing techniques. (F, L, D, GB)

  • Editing of strategic papers and presentations

The Story


If you don’t believe in what you do, why are you doing it?

Hello. My name is Frank (KAISER), founder and owner of The Content Spot… Some people call me the space cow-boy, some people call me the gangster of love…, but that is not half the truth: I AM AN ENTERPRENEUR, a mix between entrepreneur and entertainer.


Entrepreneurship is a strong motor and a noble motivation, and entertainment, well, is absolutely mandatory in order to make things happen in the communication and marketing business. The customer, the client, is king and kings and queens have to be well entertained to make wise decisions.


The Content Spot…

is a one-man show, among a lot of really talented friends and partners. The focus of its business lies in branding, brand management, strategy, content creation and management as well as storytelling.

" Make communication and marketing work and reach the client’s objective in terms of perception and/or sales in a transparent, human and accurate way. "




naming, branding and website content (work in progress)


strategy, positioning and content

espace medias

editing in L, F and D, translations


branding, communication plan, creative concepts and content variations


communication concepts, campaign texts

Mondorf Domaine Thermal

branding, storytelling, editorial line, classic campaigns, content for website and social networks, POS, product development and marketing actions


institutional and citizen communication in F, L, D and GB Development of creative concepts, print and radio advertorials, website content, social networks, writing articles and interviews


creative concepts, campaign texts, radio and TV spot design


F and D brochure editing, translations


pre-production and audiovisual production, creation of scenarios, synopsis and multimedia concepts, quality monitoring and control, institutional, internal, crisis communication, B2B, client presentations


branding, employer brand, relationship marketing actions,

E-newsletters and definition of Linkedin content

And many more

Autocenter Goedert, BGL BNP Paribas, Banque Raiffeisen, Bernard-Massard, BCEE, BANQUE DE Luxembourg, CEGEDEL, enovos, Ducal, maryland, SIDOR, various Ministries and Administrations, Moulins de Kleinbettingen, Sources Rosport, ACA, Van Breda & Lang, Foyer Assurances, lalux, Delphi, Rotarex,  Vinsmoselle Luxembourg, vous, Plan K, binsfeld, Sanichaufer , Schroeder Joailliers, Chambre des Métiers

" We are in this together for real, right here, right now, but every once in a while, we will have a blast. "